Next Tournament is: Saturday, July 18, 2020, 10:00 AM EDT

Dear North Carolina Chess Friends,

It has been more than 10 weeks we have covid-19 pandemic in our community. In results, no one can't play over-the-board chess tournaments. We miss you! We do not know how many more weeks or even months we have to stay home and doing most all of our activities from home including chess. While chess online and streaming have been growing tremendously high around the world, we are North Carolina chess community want to keep chess with local care and friendly games. 

We are Chacha "Chess.Stream" Nugroho, NM Craig "DA coach" Jones, Mark "Chess" Indermaur "Foundation", and Venkat "Lingaa and Triya" Dad like to run this tournament for North Carolina chess community.

Tournament name is I Know You Chess Tournament (limited to North Carolina USCF Chess Players) . Having to know who your opponent is important. That is why we want to do this as Local North Carolina only.

When: Saturday, July 18, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM EDT (everyone has to be online at 10:00 to be paired)

Registration: Registration is closed 15 minutes before 10 AM.

Rounds: 6-Round Swiss, Game 5+3 (5 minutes 3 seconds increment)

Section: One For All (NC and GA players only)  

Where: ONLINE from wherever you are.

Entry Fee: $5 (Paypal)

Rated: USCF Online Blitz Rating (it is different than regular rating, but we will submit to USCF)

Platform: We pair in Chess.Stream, and we play at

Requirements: Current USCF Membership, North Carolina and Georgia (US State) player (it does not need to be playing from NC/GA IP address), and provide lichess handle/name/username that you will use.

Pairing and how we play: Chess.Stream will do pairing using swiss system (not SwissSys) using USCF regulations and suggestions. We will try to use USCF regular rating for pairing, but it will be submit as online rating. Wait for pairing to show up on Pairing/Standing, click the link on your pairing, start playing, TD will collect all the results, and pair the next round.

Rating Limitation: Open for all. Make sure you know how to use/play in, and now how to request a challenge if needed. We had players from 300 - 2300 USCF rated.

Registration: Register here 

Inhouse Rules:

1. The tournament director will announce when pairings are up; all players must check pairings on their own. 
2. The game setting is Standard 5(plus)3, Casual. Casual games are not rated games in Lichess, but we will submit them as rated games in USCF.
3. White will be responsible for challenging/requesting a game from their opponent. If in 5 minutes Black doesn't response for any reason, White can claim a forfeit win, and Black will be withdrawn from the tournament. We now have pairing with boards that are ready for players to play. 
4. If White is a no show (no game request), and Black has been waiting for 5 minutes, Black can claim a forfeit win, and White will be withdrawn from the tournament. Please message a TD if you are going to claim a forfeit win. To claim forfeit win for opponent no show, please message chat room. 
5. If one player comes late, time control won't be deducted. You can start late with full time control on the clock. Current rounds may take longer to finish because of this. This is a limitation on lichess setting, but players may be forfeit because they are not showing up at the table by half time. If the game is G5 then half time is 5 minutes. Please report to TD to claim forfeit win.
6. If no one showup, the game will be a forfeit draw and both players will be withdrawn from the tournament. Sometimes it is hard to see if the players online or not, or they have problem with the internet or the computer. It is TD discretion to forfeit, withdraw or keep players form next pairing.
7. Before any player makes a first move, the game is not officially started. If they cancel for some reasons, it does not count as a rated game. Once each player makes their first move, the game is officially started as rated.
8. If somehow players click X button and abandon the board, the board need to be re-created by TD. Please message TD in the chat room. 
9. For some reason, the board neeed to be manually created by players. White needs to create challenge to Black. If somehow White set the wrong settings on the game and they realize and want to redo, please message the TD. TD may not let them redo the setting if too much time has gone by.
10. There will be no pausing games. Please do not add to your opponent's time w/o TD approval as it will make round times longer.
11. The TD will be searching all current games so we know which game is officially used for the match. Please only play ONE game with your opponent, so there is no mixup on which game should be used.
12. The TD will collect all results based on what Lichess says and create results for the next round. If it says draw, then it is a draw. Lost is a loss. Win is a win. We are sorry if you lost due to your internet connection or computer problems. This is the nature of online games.
13. Please use public/tournament chats to communicate with everyone.
14. No takebacks on moves, even if your mouse slipped.
15. If the result on your standing/pairing is not correct, please notify the TD as soon as possible.
16. If you get a full pts bye because of an odd number of players, wait and watch the games and be ready for the next round.
17. If you withdraw, please let the TD know before the pairings are up. You can send messages during games to the TD.
18. If Lichess restarts its server during a round, we may need to redo games that have been abandoned as a result. Usually Lichess will notify us beforehand if they are going to restart the server and we may postpone a round until the server has been restarted.
19. Cheating is a big NO NO. Play with your own human brain, no moves from an engine, no help from another human next to you or across the Internet. There aren't ways to make sure you aren't cheating, just the Honor Code. Please think about why you are playing this tournament-- no prize money, only pride. If you aren't sure what counts as cheating, please message a TD.
20. If you have a cellphone, you may place it nearby face up and ready to receive a call. If we can't find you online or if we need to notify you, we may call you. You may answer your phone only if the call is from a TD. Note that you are playing blitz or rapid games. Distraction around you is at your own risk.

Fees and Prizes:

1. Entry fee is $5 through Paypal.
2. For every 20 registrations, we will pick 4 winners (it could be 2 from the upper half, and 2 from the bottom half as class winners).
3. The winners and class winners will have a 1 hour group session lecture with NM Craig Jones. He may choose games from the tournament and use them as examples. It will be an interactive group session, not just a lecture video. Lining up for giving lectures: NM Emmanuel Carter, NM ALex Chen. We may have GM lecture if there are 2300 rated players. We make decision base on registrations.
4. If you are a winner, he will invite you to a Zoom/Skype/Hangout conference on his/her schedule. 
5. If you can't attend the session, we cannot refund you; let us know and we will pass the opportunity to other players. If you are not interested or want to pass the opportunity to the next winner, please let us know.
6. For every 20 more registrations, we will add another 1 hour group session. If you are a local master and willing to give your 1 hour to review games, please let us know and telling us your rate.

In covid-19 difficult times,
we like to support our local masters.
From us and for us.


USCF Submission:

1. We will submit this tournament to USCF.
2. This is only online rating. It does not affect your regular/over-the-board rating.
3. This is under blitz G/5(plus)3 time control rating.
4. We will still pair you using regular rating current supplement unless your online rating has been established and shows a different strength.
5. All USCF memberships must be current. We will check before the tournament, so please renew your USCF membership if needed.





What is USCF ONLINE Blitz Rating?

This is an example of a player online rating. There is a prefix ONL on the rating.


Good luck everyone! Stay safe and healthy.


If you have any questions, please email Chacha Nugroho, [email protected], or text 828 413 0303. During tournament, Chacha will use Lichess handle: ChessStreamDirector. Chacha is a USCF senior tournament director USCF# 12780191. We may have Mark Indermaur, Venkataraja Shamugadadivel or Alex Chen online to be tournament directors, and NM Craig Jones for playing in the tournament.

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