NC Standing

No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Rnd6Prizes
1.EMMANUEL CARTER 139939512219 6W 6W 5W 3W 2W 4W 91st
2.ROBIN CUNNINGHAM 114753882202 5W 13W 8W 11L 1W 3W 52nd
3.CRAIG W JONES 112642392204 4W 7W 4L 1W 5L 2W 83rd
4.GARY R MALTZMAN 120008801668 4W 10L 3W 8W 6L 1W 74th
5.OJAS PANDA 150604301698 3W 12L 1W 7L 3W 6L 25th
6.PRAKASH BHAVE 125927641608 3L 1W 12W 9L 4L 5W 136th
7.ISMAYIL ISMAYILLI 154981761249 3L 3W 10L 5W 11W 12L 4 
8.VENKATA BULUSU JR. 16661467823 2.5W 11L 2L 4D 9W 14L 3 
9.CAHYONO NUGROHO 127801911747 2.5L 14W 13L 6D 8W 11L 1 
10.NOAH ALLAIRE 16734988515 2.5L 4L 7L 12W 14D 13-B- 
11.MARK A CHAVES 129586081750 2L 8W 14L 2L 7L 9W 12 
12.YIZHE ALEX ZHU 17078860581 2L 5L 6W 10W 13L 7L 11 
13.JUDSON ROEDERER 156263201178 1.5L 2L 9W 14L 12D 10L 6 
14.GABRIELLA XZ XIANG 300171251W 9L 11L 13L 10L 8-U- 

NC Pairing Round 6/6 ~ live games: 0

No.Playing WhiteLichess NamePlaying BlackLichess NameLichess BoardLiveResult
100.EMMANUEL CARTER (2219)fettywap1738CAHYONO NUGROHO (1747)ChessStream3Click Here To StartDXzOzjBU1-0
101.ROBIN CUNNINGHAM (2202)Robin_CunninghamOJAS PANDA (1698)cltchampClick Here To StartJz4c25I71-0
102.VENKATA BULUSU JR. (823)hikaru231CRAIG W JONES (2204)cavschess2Click Here To StartVWMdhxCy0-1
103.ISMAYIL ISMAYILLI (1249)IsmayilLikesChessGARY R MALTZMAN (1668)PangraClick Here To Start5t4KfgCZ0-1
104.PRAKASH BHAVE (1608)AirQualityJUDSON ROEDERER (1178)judbudClick Here To StartDB7Wj9ym1-0
105.YIZHE ALEX ZHU (581)littledragon_zhuMARK A CHAVES (1750)kino5757Click Here To Start3TNvOi8s0-1
GABRIELLA XZ XIANG (0) ~ BYE with Score : 0
NOAH ALLAIRE (515) ~ BYE with Score : 1

Check your pairing, and "Click Here To Start" to sit down at your table. Only players in the pairing can play the board. If somehow you cancel (X) the board before started, TD needs to re-create the board. Message us on chat room. If your board is "Start Manual", WHITE needs to challenge BLACK with correct setting. If you need to know how to do that, read How To Play at the bottom of the page. If your board is "Wait ... TD is creating the board", then just wait because your board will be ready soon. There won't be any re-pairings. Once you see pairing is up, we stick to it. If any results from previous round were incorrect, please message chat room. Message on chat room if you withdrawing from tournament. Have fun!

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Drew, H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye, X = won/forfeit, F = lost/forfeit, N/U = No Playing