KCF University Cup

3rd Annual Kasparov Chess Foundation University Cup

Saturday-Sunday, February 04-05, 2023, Online: kcf.chessstream.com

Joining Zoom with camera is required for this tournament!
Zoom link will be here during the tournament:


TeamUniversity NamePlayersRatingStatusRegister
MIZZOU_AUniversity of Missouri - Mizzou (A)12744ConfirmedJoin This Team
SLUSaint Louis University12595ConfirmedJoin This Team
UTD_BUniversity of Texas at Dallas (B)32534ConfirmedJoin This Team
USPBRUniversidade de São Paulo42184ConfirmedJoin This Team
ZUTWest Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin12157ConfirmedJoin This Team
UBACIDUniversitas Brawijaya22123ConfirmedJoin This Team
FERHR_AUniversity of Zagreb (A)12093ConfirmedJoin This Team
KNUUATaras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv62089ConfirmedJoin This Team
PADJADPadjadjaran University22027ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNIFEIEDUBRUniversidade Federal de Itajubá22025ConfirmedJoin This Team
ESTADO_DUniversidade Virtual do Estado de São Paulo (D)32010ConfirmedJoin This Team
BOTSWANA_AUniversity of Botswana (A)12008ConfirmedJoin This Team
EMUTREastern Mediterranean University31981ConfirmedJoin This Team
STUDENTUNIZDHRUniversity of Zadar21975ConfirmedJoin This Team
NUS_ANational University of Singapore (A)41941ConfirmedJoin This Team
VITBHOPALACINVellore institute of Technology , Bhopal41933ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNINAITUniversity of Naples Federico II21867ConfirmedJoin This Team
UFHACZAFort Hare University21866ConfirmedJoin This Team
KWAZULU_AUniversity of KwaZulu Natal (A)11839ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNACHIACPAUniversidad Autónoma de Chiriquí41822ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNASATUniversity of Applied Science and Technology Suriname41820ConfirmedJoin This Team
TTUTexas Tech University11816ConfirmedJoin This Team
ITAInstituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica31781ConfirmedJoin This Team
IPN_AInstituto Politecnico Nacional (A)51764ConfirmedJoin This Team
FERHRBUniversity of Zagreb (B)11751ConfirmedJoin This Team
TTUEDUBTexas Tech University (B)11722ConfirmedJoin This Team
NUSEDUBNational University of Singapore (A) (B)11688ConfirmedJoin This Team
UT_ARLINGTON_AUniversity of Texas at Arlington (A)31662ConfirmedJoin This Team
FLSCFlorida Southern College21626ConfirmedJoin This Team
SACREDHEART_ASacred Heart University (A)41615ConfirmedJoin This Team
USMYS31051ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNIVESP_CUniversidade Virtual do Estado de São Paulo (C)40ConfirmedJoin This Team
IAINPAREACIDIAIN Parepare30ConfirmedJoin This Team
WITSUniversity of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg20ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNIVESP_BUniversidade Virtual do Estado de São Paulo (B)50ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNIVESP_AUniversidade Virtual do Estado de São Paulo (A)60ConfirmedJoin This Team
MNNITACINMNNIT10ConfirmedJoin This Team
KWAZULU_BUniversity of KwaZulu Natal (B)10ConfirmedJoin This Team
BENIN_AUniversity of Benin (A)10ConfirmedJoin This Team
KUACKEKenyatta University00ConfirmedJoin This Team
RUTGERSRutgers University10ConfirmedJoin This Team
UFMGBRBUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais (B)10Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
STUDENTSACKEKenyatta University00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
UTD_CUniversity of Texas at Dallas (C)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
UTD_DUniversity of Texas at Dallas (D)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
WITSACZACUniversity of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (C)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
WITSACZABUniversity of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (B)50ConfirmedJoin This Team
UTDUniversity of Texas at Dallas00ConfirmedJoin This Team
EDUGHUniversity of Health and Allied Sciences00ConfirmedJoin This Team
MIZZOU_BUniversity of Missouri - Mizzou (B)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
MIZZOU_CUniversity of Missouri - Mizzou (C)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
UTRGVUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley00ConfirmedJoin This Team
UTRGVEDUBUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (B)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
UTRGVEDUCUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (C)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
UNIZDHRUniversity of Zadar10ConfirmedJoin This Team
GUAY_AUniversidad de Guayaquil (A)10ConfirmedJoin This Team
UFMGUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais10Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
NUSEDUCNational University of Singapore (A) (C)20ConfirmedJoin This Team
UFVUniversidade Federal de Viçosa40ConfirmedJoin This Team
UBACIDBUniversitas Brawijaya (B)10ConfirmedJoin This Team
FERHRCUniversity of Zagreb (C)10ConfirmedJoin This Team
GMAILCOMGMAIL00ConfirmedJoin This Team
GMAILCOMBGMAIL (B)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
GMAILCOMCGMAIL (C)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMDGMAIL (D)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMEGMAIL (E)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMFGMAIL (F)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
CALTECHCalifornia Institute of Technology10Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMGGMAIL (G)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMHGMAIL (H)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMIGMAIL (I)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMJGMAIL (J)00ConfirmedJoin This Team
GMAILCOMKGMAIL (K)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMLGMAIL (L)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMMGMAIL (M)00Waiting for ConfirmationJoin This Team
GMAILCOMNGMAIL (N)10ConfirmedJoin This Team
Total Teams: 76
Before the captain/coordinator confirming team registration, players can't join the team. If you need us to re-send team confirmation email, click 'waiting for confirmation' link above and there is a re-send button. Once a team has 4 players and 2 alternates, you should not be able to "join this team" anymore. If you need any helps, please contact us.