Southwest Collegiate Team Championship

Southwest Collegiate Team Championship

Saturday, April 10, 2021, Online:

Joining Zoom with camera is required for this tournament!
Zoom link will be here during the tournament:



Standing Round 5/5 ~ Current live games: 0

No.TeamUniversity NameRtgPtsR1R2R3R4R5GPAward
1UTRGV_CUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (C)2735 9W14W3W9W6D211.51st Place
2UTD_BUniversity of Texas at Dallas (B)2541 9W16W5W7W9D1112nd Place
3UTDUniversity of Texas at Dallas2558 7W15L1W11W12D510.53rd Place
4UTD_DUniversity of Texas at Dallas (D)2514 7W17L9W13W8D6104th Place
5UTRGV_FUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (F)2654 7W11L2W14W10D39.5
6TTU_ATexas Tech University (A)2589 7W13W7W8L1D49
7UTD_CUniversity of Texas at Dallas2538 6W21L6L2W20W1310
8UTRGV_HUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (H)2565 6W12W10L6L4W118.5
9TTUTexas Tech University2571 6W18W4L1L2W108
10UTRGV_IUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (I)2368 4W20L8W18L5L99
11UTD_EUniversity of Texas at Dallas (E)2317 4L5W15L3W17L87.5
12TTU_DTexas Tech University (D)1893 4L8W20W15L3L147
13TTU_CTexas Tech University (C)2096 4L6W16L4W14L76.5
14UTRGV_JUniversity of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (J)2354 4L1W19L5L13W126
15UTD_FUniversity of Texas at Dallas (F)1790 4L3L11L12W18W206
16TTU_ETexas Tech University (E)1512 4L2L13L17BW185
17TAMU_BTexas A&M University (B)unr. 4L4L18W16L11B5
18UTAUSTINUniversity of Texas at Austin1992 2L9W17L10L15L165
19TAMU_ATexas A&M University (A)1062 2BL14UUU3
20UNTUniversity of North Texasunr. 2L10L12BL7L152
21TAMU_CTexas A&M University (C)unr. 0L7UUUU0