Charlotte Chess Center Online Fair Play Open

CCCSA Online Fair Play G/25

Five rounds, Game 25 minutes + 5 seconds increment

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Joining Zoom with camera is required for this tournament!
Zoom link will be here during the tournament:




No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4Rnd5Prize
1.GM CHRISTOPHER YOO 152449432540 4.5W16 (b)W3 (w)W4 (w)W2 (b)D5 (b)$300
2.GM GADIR GUSEINOV 173435902738 3.5W9 (b)W6 (w)W8 (b)L1 (w)D3 (b)$75
3.GM ALEX LENDERMAN 127876462717 3.5W13 (w)L1 (b)W9 (w)W8 (b)D2 (w)$75
4.GM DANIEL FRIDMAN 127359682651 3.5W10 (b)W5 (w)L1 (b)W6 (w)D8 (w)$75
5.DOMINIQUE MYERS 130577432185 3.5W14 (w)L4 (b)W13 (w)W9 (b)D1 (w)$150
6.ANDY LIN 129261322391 3W15 (w)L2 (b)W12 (w)L4 (b)W11 (b) 
7.GRAHAM FREE 125790842227 3W12 (b)L8 (w)W10 (b)-H--H- 
8.GM BRANDON JACOBSON 141600652567 2.5W11 (w)W7 (b)L2 (w)L3 (w)D4 (b) 
9.FM RYAN AMBURGY 154376542151 2L2 (w)W15 (b)L3 (b)L5 (w)W12 (w)$18.75
10.ALAN FINKELSTEIN 149588422058 2L4 (w)W14 (b)L7 (w)L12 (b)W15 (w)$18.75
11.DREW JUSTICE 145617972030 2L8 (b)L12 (w)W15 (b)W13 (b)L6 (w)$18.75
12.DOMINIC COLOMBO 149339671960 2L7 (w)W11 (b)L6 (b)W10 (w)L9 (b)$18.75
13.BENJAMIN SHOYKHET 154161342101 1.5L3 (b)W16 (w)L5 (b)L11 (w)D14 (w) 
14.ROGER ZHANG 162375341943 1.5L5 (b)L10 (w)-B-L15 (w)D13 (b) 
15.SEAN POWER 150571481964 1L6 (b)L9 (w)L11 (w)W14 (b)L10 (b) 
16.LUKE HARRIS 145546542013 0L1 (w)L13 (b)-U--U--U- 

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Drew, H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye, X = won/forfeit, F = lost/forfeit, N/U = No Playing.

Message/email/call tournament director if you need help, change your byes or withdraw.