Online Tournament

Relief 4 Beirut by Chess2All Organization

Saturday, August 15, 2020

  • Details for the 8/15 Tournament (USCF RATED Charity Tournament)


     10 AM - 12:00  PM (estimated)  Eastern Time         

    (Required Zoom Call information listed at bottom)


    All proceeds from this tournament will go to provide aid for those in Beirut, Lebanon. On August 4th, a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon killed over a hundred people, injured thousands, and destroyed homes and buildings. Lebanon is simultaneously experiencing social, political, economic, and health crises. 


    CHARITIES: (SOURCE: The New York Times) 

    -The Lebanese Red Cross is the main provider of ambulance services in Lebanon, and said it would dispatch every ambulance from North Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon to Beirut to treat the wounded and help in search-and-rescue operations.

    -Impact Lebanon, a nonprofit organization, has set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to provide disaster relief for Beirut. They have raised over 6 million dollars, and have donated additional millions to the Lebanese Red Cross.

    -Baytna Baytak, a charity that provided free housing to health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic, is now raising funds with Impact Lebanon to shelter those who have been displaced.


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    TIME CONTROL:  Blitz; G5 + 2 (game 5 minutes increment 2 seconds)


    ROUNDS: 6 rounds, finish 12:00 pm



    -Open (anyone can request to be in this section) 

    -U1600 (only open to people with rating under 1600)


    CHARGE: $15 donation to Our PayPal: [email protected]

    -All proceeds will be donated to charities to provide Relief for Beirut!

    (We strongly recommend you to donate more!) 



    Open Section

    1st- $50 

    2nd- $20 

    3rd- $10


    U1600 Section

    1st - 3rd: Free 1 hour group lesson







    -Must join the Zoom Call and your camera must be turned on for the entire time that you are playing. 


    -Cheating results in a ban from all online USCF rated tournaments and Lichess tournaments