Master Trek Online Chess Tournament

Online Sunday G30 ~ Chess Kings and Queens

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Joining Zoom with camera is required for this tournament!
Zoom link will be here during the tournament:
(please join with your real name)


OPEN U1000 U500 SIDE 

OPEN Pairing Round 4/4 ~ live games: 0

No.WhiteLichess NameBlackLichess NameLichess BoardLiveResult
101.ANUJ SHIRODKAR (1247)Knightfork7AARUSH TIPPA (1759)atippaClick Here To Start3rqxSQob0-1
102.SIDDHARTH TRIPATHY (908)Sid_907ASWATH SRISAI TIPPA (1349)pandu9Click Here To StartcraxJGux0-1
103.SAMANYU THANDRA (1082)Samanyu20RAJ RAVINDRA GADGE (1063)Rajgadge2009Click Here To StartbitQzfvX0-1
104.SHAURYA SINGH (890)sildiamond756ROHAN LEE (1451)beastboy44Click Here To StartKFw729yW1-0
105.ARNAV KHANNA (1170)Akamazing7ARMAAN CHAINANI (1064)Armaan713Click Here To StartVH6pjgSD1/2-1/2
106.AMOGH KANDUKURI (902)TheChessKing910SHREERAM RAMABHADRAN (1343)chessking151217Click Here To StartDrdR0aJy0-1
107.RITVIK MAZUMDER (0)ritvik2011_is-amazinKSHITIJ JAIN (711)KJLOLClick Here To StartLoFgZ0SX0-1
108.ZACHARY A MURRAY (0)XavierZASRINJOY ROY (0)SrinjoyRoy90Click Here To Startpq2YFini1-0

Check your pairing, and "Click Here To Start" to sit down at your table. Only players in the pairing can play the board. Do not close out of a board once you join it, even if your opponent is not there. If somehow you cancel (X) the board before started, TD needs to re-create the board. Message/email/call tournament director if you need help, change your byes or withdraw. Have fun!

Pairing will be here in this page during the tournament. If you can't find your name here, please check entries page, and see what section you are in. Click "SECTION" button above to see the list.