South Carolina Online Chess Tournament

South Carolina Championship Qualifier

Online, Four rounds, Game 30 minutes + 5 seconds increment

Saturday, November 21, 2020


South Carolina Championship Qualifier

This is an official tournament from South Carolina Chess Association

When: Saturday, November 21, 2020

Where: pairing/standing at Chess.Stream, playground at

(pairing will be posted here, and when you click your table you will play at Lichess)

Sections: Championship Qualifier

Prizes: Winners from this tournament will be invited to South Carolina Championship (OTB)

Rating: USCF Regular Online Rated

Only for South Carolina players. If your USCF state flag is not SC, please email to register.

Round Times (EST):

Round 1 : 11:30 AM

Round 2 : 01:00 PM

Round 3 : 02:30 PM

Round 4 : 4:00 PM

Time Control:

G30+5 (game 30 minutes, increment 5 seconds)

Entry Fee:

$25 (paypal)

Entry fee includes $10 for 1 year South Carolina membership

if your membership is current, Daniel Smith will send back $10 to you

Registration will be CLOSED 30 minutes before round 1 starts!

Registration and Payment:

Please register here, you need to have Lichess account to play/register.

For payment you have checkout button, and you will be able to pay Daniel Smith directly.

There is manual check between your payment and entries, so please only register if you want to play. We will remove unpaid entries.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email/phone/text

Organizer: David Grimaud ([email protected])

Organizer: Daniel Smith ([email protected])

Pairing TD: Grant Oen ([email protected])

Floor TD: Chacha Nugroho([email protected])