South Carolina Online Chess Tournament

South Carolina Championship Qualifier

Online, Four rounds, Game 30 minutes + 5 seconds increment

Saturday, November 21, 2020

How to play against your opponent


WARNING: Please be aware this is not Lichess Swiss Tournament where you wait in Lichess to be put on a table. This is like offline tournament where you check the pairing, go to your table and play with your opponent. Here we just do it virtually.

This is a tournament where pairing is in different website (this is the website) and the pairing will look like this:

Bd White Lichess Name Black Lichess Name Lichess Board
1. Jake Baugh (1229) JBaughChess RJ Raynoe (1440) ChessStream1 Click Here To Start
2. Craig Jones (2215) DAChess Chacha Nugroho (1758) ChessStream3 Click Here To Start
3. Jon Doe (1820) ChessStream2 Jane Doe (1758) ChessStream4 (start manual) *
  Sanya Raynoe (750) BYE. Please wait.


- Click Here To Start to start your game. The board is ready and only players in the pairing can play the board.

- If your board marked as (start manual) *, White needs to create a challenge, and challenging Black to play. See old/manual way at the bottom of this page.

- If you receive a BYE, please watch the games and ready for next round.

Question and Answer:

1. Do I have to report the result of game? NO! We will collect your the result by watching all the games automatically. You should only play 1 game with your opponent! and that is what we count. Make sure that the result is correct in the standing. We will collect result as soon as your game finished.

2. My opponent is not showing up, how long I have to wait? Please just wait, do not abandon your board. Ask tournament director if you can win by forfeit. TD will make decision when you can abandon the board and win by forfeit.

3. I was winning, but then my internet went bad and my opponent claimed a win? What should I do? I am sorry that your internet was down. It can happen to anyone. If that happen, we only use the result from the game, so you lost the game. If your opponent is nice (hope your opponent does not claim a win on disconnected player), then he/she may just wait until you flagged. If your opponent is disconnected, please wait, but do not add minutes on your opponent because that will delay next round.

4. What to do for next round? Same thing. You wait until pairing is up, check pairing, and start game with your opponent in the pairing.

5. Any breaks between rounds? Check the schedule.

6. How to withdraw or skip rounds? Please tell tournament director that you withdraw before next pairing is up. We have chat for everyone, or you can directly message the TD.

7. Is it USCF Rated Games? YES. Online rating only. USCF has different rating system. We will submit your games by the end of tournament to USCF and they will adjust your online rating. Online rating only.

(Old / Manual Way)

In emergency or some trouble situations, you may still need to use manual way to play against your opponent. This is very rare case, but we have to put it here so in case you need to do.

1. In the pairing you will see who your opponent is. Every player has Lichess name, the lichess name will be included in the pairing. 

Bd   Start   White   Lichess Name   Black   Lichess Name
1.   White Click Here   Jake Baugh (1229)   JBaughChess   RJ Raynoe (1440)   ChessStream1
2.   White Click Here   Craig Jones (2215)   DAChess   Chacha Nugroho (1758)   ChessStream3
        Sanya Raynoe (750)   BYE


2. If you are playing WHITE, you have to start the game! Starting the game by challenging your opponent. How? In the pairing, there are links. You can click link "White Click Here", or your opponent's Lichess name. It will bring you to your opponent profile.


Here your opponent profile looks like:


Click the challenge button, not "challenge icon above". Make sure time control is correct. For this tournament time control is G30+5. You will get this screen:



Make sure all settings are correct! Once you do for first round (first time), the next round should be already have same settings. Make sure it is CASUAL (not rated). We will rate in USCF online rating, but game in lichess is not rated, so if TD needs to stop/abandon your game you can just click resign/draw and won't affect anything. Click "White King" to start the game and you will play White.


3. If you are playing BLACK, you have to wait until a challenge coming from your opponent! The challenge will come as popup, but sometimes you will need to check in the icon.

A. Make sure that the opponent requesting a game is the opponent in the pairing.

B. Make sure it is STANDARD.

C. Make sure it is Casual (not lichess rated)

D. Make sure time control is correct. For this tournament time control is G10+5 or G3+2.

Then accept the challenge. If it is not correct, you can accept the challenge, but then send message/chat to your opponent to cancel the game first and re-do the challenge. Do not forget saying Good Luck to start your game!