South Carolina Online Chess Tournament

South Carolina Championship Qualifier

Online, Four rounds, Game 30 minutes + 5 seconds increment

Saturday, November 21, 2020




No.Player's NameUSCFRatingPtsRnd1Rnd2Rnd3Rnd4TBrk1TBrk2TBrk3TBrk4Prizes
1.RANDAL FERGUSON 100721402157 4W 15W 5W 6W 391110271st Place
2.M LEDFORD DUNCAN 160289541799 4W 21W 18W 4W 86.5710212nd Place
3.STEPHEN WELT 128120841934 3W 12W 16W 10L 1810926 
4.WAYNE CHRISTENSEN 103527382071 3-X-W 13L 2W 10810723 
5.ROGER JOHNSON 103881391919 3W 19L 1W 17W 1189722 
6.ELI MOORE 155028811884 3W 11W 23L 1W 1488.5823 
7.PAUL TINKLER 102143601960 3W 14L 10W 12W 1368722 
8.EREN BILEN 171184811585 2.5W 24W 9D 18L 289821.5 
9.KEITH EUBANKS 124988761938 2.5-H-L 8W 23W 
10.JACOB STOLL 161494411683 2W 22W 7L 3L 45.59725 
11.JONATHAN GAO 16855888700 2L 6W 15W 16L 5510523 
12.MATTHEW DAVID LEYS 16934701886 2L 3W 20L 7W 2448419 
13.DANIEL QUIGLEY 123966101802 2W 25L 4W 19L 73.57617 
14.BRADY SETSER 145462081118 2L 7W 25W 22L 63.57517 
15.BRANDON TREGDE 171856651300 2L 1L 11W 20W 2137.5317 
16.KRISHNA SOMESULA 170802571351 2W 20L 3L 11W 1937518 
17.CAMERON WHEELER 166496751004 2L 18W 21L 5W 2225.5415 
18.DAVID BLAIR 124797501958 1.5W 17L 2D 8L 9711526.5 
19.WALTER CAUDLE 16758593779 1L 5W 24L 13L 1658320 
20.JACOB RICCA 300651731L 16L 12L 15W 234.56.5115 
21.SAABYR BEYG 17163540542 1L 2L 17-B-L 1548117 
22.SAURAV SAILESH 17163597536 1L 10-B-L 14L 1746216 
23.SAKETH DAS 17316233284 1-B-L 6L 9L 203.56.5313.5 
24.CADEN WATERS 172234671L 8L 19W 25L 123.56215 
25.MANITH BANNENAHALLY 16604886618 1L 13L 14L 24-B-35013 
26.SAI KANHA KUMMARI 167698481192 0-F--U--U--U-02.507 

TBrk1:Modified Median, TBrk2:Solkoff, TBrk3:Cumulative, TBrk4:Cumulative Opponent

W = Won, L = Lost, D = Drew, H = Half Point Bye, B = Full Point Bye, X = won/forfeit, F = lost/forfeit, N/U = No Playing. Message/email/call tournament director if you need help, change your byes or withdraw.
Standing will be here in this page during the tournament. If you can't find your name here, please check entries page, and see what section you are in. Click "SECTION" button above to see the list.