Jeff Jones Online Memorial Tournament

Organized by Chess.Stream and Indermaur Chess Foundation

Lichess will be the playground

Sunday, October 09, 2022



    Please join with your real name, and I will let you in. Zoom is required for prizes. You can still playing if you do not join Zoom, but no prizes. Zoom will be open 30 minutes before the round starts. If you want to ask some questions, please join early. Round times: 12:00 pm, 12:30 pm, 01:00 pm, 01:30 pm, 02:00 pm EST

    Zoom Link:

    We will also open Chess.Stream discord channel as our help desk:

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    In memory of our friend Jeff "Coach Pig" Jones who passed away 4 years ago. Jeff had plan to have Ticks tournament in New Year day, and put it in North Carolina chess calendar. He could not make it. To honor him, and to continue his spirit to grow chess in North Carolina, we like to have this tournament for his memorial every year.


    Jeff wanted time control same with the year of the tournament. It will be one big section with five rounds of action chess. We added a feature to remember Jeff. There will be prize for dutch games (1.d4 f5!) that won by black. Jeff loves to play dutch. Unfortunately, this year we can't make it on January 1 and we can't put 2022 ticks as time control. We will play time control G10+2


    - NM Craig Jones, and FM Robbin Cunningham will be playing in this tournament.


    - Five Rounds, Swiss System. 


    - USCF online rated. Play from your home ore anywhere. Pairing will be posted in this website, and when you click your board, you will play your board at Lichess board.


    - We have fixed round times: 12:00 pm, 12:30 pm, 01:00 am, 01:30 pm, 02:30 pm (no lunch break). You are home, so you can eat while playing.


    - You can request 2 half pts byes before the round starts. 


    - Any players welcome, US Chess membership must be current. 


    - Entry fee is donation, and it is up to you how much you want to donate with minimum donation is $5. After prizes deduction, all fund will be donated to HFSA (Heart Failure Society of America). This is the organization that Jeff wanted to support. Here last year receipt from HSA:


    - If you would like to donate, but not playing in the tournament, please let us know.


    - Prizes: 1st: $40, 2nd: $25, 3rd: $10. Class prizes: $20 and $10. Dutch prize: $20 divided by winners. Prizes are guaranteed, and we may increased the prize depending on the early donations. 


    - What is dutch prize? If you play black, and your game start with d4, and you play f5, and you win the game, then you can claim dutch prize. 


    - Zoom and camera is required. Zoom link will be posted here.


    - If you want to visit Jeff's obituaries, click here.


    - If you want to visit Jeff's Facebook remembering page, click here.


    - If you have any question, please contact Chacha Nugroho or Mark Indermaur.





    Chess Stream and Indermaur Chess Foundation