Charlotte Chess Center Online Fair Play Open

Online Charlotte Open 3rd

$6000 prize fund! Seven rounds, G/70+10 (3DAY Schedule) Or G/25+5 (2DAY Schedule)

Saturday-Monday, May 29-31, 2021, Online:

Joining Zoom with camera is required for this tournament!
Zoom link will be here during the tournament:



Round 7/7 Pairings ~ Current live games: 0

Table#Playing WhitePlaying BlackLive BoardResult
301RICHARD SANDVOSS (1407,5.0)STEPHEN WILLY (1460,6.0)Completed1-0
302PUNIT DODHIYA (1503,5.0)TYLER XIA (1529,4.5)Completed1-0
303AARON MENDES (1570,4.5)ZACHARY LIU (1508,4.5)Completed1/2
304IAN SZERENCSY (1399,4.5)RATISLAV KRYLOV (1493,4.0)Completed1-0
305GREGORY TOLWINSKI (1417,4.0)JACOB SPERBER (1445,4.0)Completed1/2
306MARO TRIVELLA (1395,4.0)GAURI SREEKUMAR (1551,3.5)Completed1-0
307AAYUSH WADHWA (1088,3.5)DANIEL VIDENA (1528,3.5)Completed1-0
308AUGUST WARSHAUER (1174,3.5)NIHANTH TATIKONDA (1272,3.5)Completed1-0
309MICHAEL XIAO (1363,3.0)NICHOLAS FEDDERSEN (798,3.0)Completed1-0
310DAVID WHITE (1070,3.0)ANDREW IMBENS (1253,3.0)Completed0-1
311DAVID TOLEDO (1122,3.0)ALAN CHEN (1041,3.0)Completed1/2
312NAVEK LEONARD (1430,2.5)BRANDON O'GORMAN (unr.,2.5)Completed1-0
313WALTER HIGH (1354,2.5)NAMISH KONDABATHINI (1076,2.5)Completed0-1
314AMBER ARORA (993,2.5)JACKSON HALL (1317,2.5)Completed1-0
315LENNIK REMPE (1144,2.5)THOMAS NORDEMAN (982,2.5)Completed0-1
316LOKRUTH PATIL (1495,2.0)GILBERT STONE (1568,2.0)Completed0-1
317ZACH TRAYNOR (1194,2.0)ANIKA ARORA (1305,2.0)Completed1/2
318EMMA LI (1344,1.5)SHANE MCCARTHY (unr.,1.5)Completed1-0
319SRIRAM RAMINENI (554,1.0)ESHANSH RAWAT (938,1.5)Completed0-1
ADITYA KRISHNA (1147) ~ BYE with Score : 0
JAITRA CHINTALAPATI (1591) ~ BYE with Score : 0
IAN SZERENCSY (1399) ~ BYE with Score : 0
JACK NEELSEN (unr.) ~ BYE with Score : 0
DAVID WHITE (1070) ~ BYE with Score : 0

Find your section, and check the pairing. "Click Here To Start" to sit down at your table. Only players in the pairing can play the board. Do not close out of a board once you join it, even if your opponent is not there. If somehow you cancel (X) the board before started, TD needs to re-create the board. Message/email/call tournament director at if you need help, change your byes or withdraw. Have fun!